Auto Delivery
Q: What is the Auto Delivery Program?
A: The Auto Delivery program is a standing order service that will automatically ship your 90 day supply (3 bottles) of TeaFlavin® products to your door every three months.
Q: How do I sign up for the Auto Delivery Program?
A: If you select the 90-day Program, you will be automatically joined to the Auto Delivery Program.
Q: How does the Auto-Delivery Program Work?
A: Here is how it works: If you ordered a 90 day supply on July 15, on October 15 your next 90 day supply would be automatically shipped to you. You will receive 3 bottles (90-day supply) in one shipment. Your order will usually ship within 1-3 days and your card will be charged in equal monthly installments of $19.95.
Q: How do I change my Auto Delivery Program information?
A: In order to delete your Auto-Delivery program we ask that you submit a request to the TeaFlavin® Customer Service Team. In your message, tell us that you would like to cancel your auto delivery program and we will cancel it for you. Please provide up to one business day to process your request.